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Why hire a college consultant?

SEnior College Consultant Kimberly Morrison Labrecque

SEnior College Consultant Kimberly Morrison Labrecque

Searching for the right-fit college can be a stressful and confusing time for families and getting the amount of necessary funding can make it even more trying. Let the experts guide you in finding the perfect-fit colleges, where your child can learn as much out of the classroom as in the classroom, be propelled into their next logical step (graduate school, medical school, their first job), and graduate on time and without overspending on an undergraduate education. 

College Solutions works closely with each student, helping them identify the right mix of colleges, streamlining the process to allow them to focus on schools that will be strong academic, social and athletic prospects. Students often approach the college selection the wrong way; they base their search on major, location, setting and size. Rather, eliminating schools that aren't a suitable match gives a student the opportunity to hone in on colleges that will be solid choices, maximizing their potential to succeed in their undergraduate career.  

Our team of experts will help your student find perfect-fit colleges making them the most admissible. Our structured program provides one-on-one application and essay assistance, implementing a strategy every step of the way as your child plans for SATs/ACTs, college campus visits, admissions interviews, and anything else required.

Students often receive poor advice which diminishes their admissibility. Avoid the pitfalls of college admission with an expert on your side, making this process both easy and enjoyable!


Each student will undergo a student interview which will be married to their qualitative desires and needs as well as their transcript, SATs, and more to put together an individual list of colleges.  

Under our structured program, students will build and refine their college list, which will evolve as they visit campuses, research programs, conduct admissions interviews, and connect with professors in their fields of academic interest. Narrowing down the ideal mix of schools becomes easy when you have an expert helping you discover colleges, opening the door to opportunities you may not have found on your own.  

Following a structured timeline of when to visit schools (always when they're in session), interview with college admissions representatives, take the SATs/ACTs and submit applications will alleviate the burden of trying to understand a process that families must often navigate on their own with little to no help from their high schools. 

Students attend our boot camp Common Application Sessions where they begin their application long before it is due, work on their college essay, receive expert admissions tips and ensure that all applications have been polished and perfected using every strategic advantage to make them as admissible as possible. 

The right fit—the best fit—is always more important than a brand name. If a student is unhappy, the process has failed them. Let College Solutions guide you to the best undergraduate experience you can achieve, where you will be challenged in the classroom, have an enjoyable social life, become involved on campus, and maximize your study abroad, internship and career networking opportunities! 

Financial Aid

College Solutions' average client receives at least $30,000 annually in entitlements (money that will never be repaid, scholarships/merit, grants). Often, families will build their college list and worry about funding later. Did you know that over 90% of the funding that students receive comes directly from the institution (college/university)? It is critically important that your college selection is comprised of schools that are strong fits from an academic and financial standpoint. This is frequently where the process fails families because there is no book or website that lists which colleges will fund students and which will not. That's why we exist.

Why is College Solutions hirable?  We place students at well-matched, topnotch colleges (in the U.S. and internationally) where they are happy and saving over $100,000 on their undergraduate career. 

Families utilize our services because we debunk the common myths and realities associated with the college-search process, take the angst out of the school selection, and ensure that our clients are not overburdened with unnecessary debt.  

It is nearly impossible for families to know which schools are willing to fund a student and why. There are many nuances that impact admission and funding; variables include whether the institution is public or private, its setting, geography, size, one’s gender, major, etc. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we know which colleges will please you with a sound financial offer and which will disappoint you. 

When families are concerned about the cost of an education, a guidance counselor will typically recommend looking at state schools because they're less expensive. We consistently place students at colleges that have a $60,000-$70,000 price tag and make them cost effective, sometimes even less expensive to attend than a public school with a poor graduation rate. It doesn't matter what a school costs, it matters what a school cost you!